Help with Trigger

Hello - I've got a trigger set up in this slide so that the NEXT button stays hidden until all 4 layers have been clicked on.  The NEXT button appears just as soon as the user clicks on the 4th (and final) button ... BUT it disappears again as soon as the lightbox is closed.  What's up?!  I need the NEXT button to stay there so the user can click on it.  

I've also tried having the NEXT button resume Normal state, and again - it will do that when the 4th button is clicked on but then becomes disabled as soon as the user closes the lightbox.  What do I do?

TIA for any help!!

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Sheri Schaffer

THANK YOU so much!  That was the issue.  Didn't realize you needed to "hide" the layer.  It's working great now - but I have another question.  

I'm attaching a snippet of the example. On slide 1.2 it is in the original disabled state. When you click on a button and return to the page, it goes to the disabled state again. On slide 1.10, I set the initial state as normal and when you return to a slide after clicking on it, it turns to the visited state of gray. Is there a way to do this on slide 1.2 but still have the initial state be disabled?

Again TIA!