Help With Triggers and States

Hi All

Wonder if anyone could help me with a couple of things I am trying to do with triggers and states. 

The first slide in the project attached is a simple click and reveal. The learner is asked to systematically click through a series of boxes, and a layer appears at the side. I have had to set up triggers to revert the boxes being being selected to 'normal' after it has been selected, otherwise, its 'selected' state appears on screen as other boxes are selected after it. 

This is all fine, however, what I want to happen is that the learner cannot move onto the next slide unless they have selected all five boxes. To do this, I have a 'hidden' navigation button on screen, and am trying to set-up a trigger so that it will only change its state to 'normal' after all five have been selected. I have tried a combination of state triggers to do this (e.g. 'visited', and a new one I set up called 'trigger') but none seem to work. My workaround is that when they select the final box, the navigation button appears, but this does rely on the learner selecting all five in order - they might not do that. 

The second slide is similar. It's a quiz I have built using states and triggers. I only want the navigation button to appear once the learner has given an answer to all the questions. Again I have had to set this up by attaching the trigger to submit answers to appear on the last question. 

Any thoughts on if these can be achieved? Many thanks in advance for any help.

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Bruce Graham

Create 5 x T/F variables.

Set True/False triggers to fire when the boxes are viewed, and create a Trigger that only allows Next to work IF all variables are True.

Create a Layer called "STOP TRYING TO CHEAT" (or whatever..) that fires if they click Next and anyone is still false.

Ensure the order is correct, (the "Cheat" needs to be above the "Next" one)

Hope that helps


James McLuckie

HI Bruce

Thank you for the quick reply. I am not great with variables (need to spend a lot more time getting my head around them) but I will try and give that a bash.

Is it necessary to have the "Don't cheat" layer? I would just like to set it up so that the button to move onto the next slide appears after all five have been selected. (I suppose I could have the layer with nothing on it  and it doesn't hide any of the other layers - that way the learner is none the wiser!)

I wonder if your suggestion will work for the quiz. There are 'Yes' and 'No' buttons beside each answer, and the state of one changes depending on the other. Just want to check I can do something before going ahead. 

Thanks again for taking the time, Bruce. Much appreciated.