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Feb 01, 2018

So I've built a course (see attached) with some slides where the following is supposed to happen:

1. Learner clicks the phone images on page 'Processes Intro', which then takes them to the relevant section and also changes the state of the image to 'after click' (custom state) which makes it appear greyed out so they know they've clicked it. (This applies to 3 images on the page titled '1. customer journey button', '2. fulfillment button' and '3. Additional info button')

2. When the learner has completed each section, an arrow at the end brings them back to Process Intro slide, where any phone images they have previously clicked still appear in the 'after click' state, eventually all three should be in the 'after click' state when the learner has completed all three sections.

3. Trigger on arrow 'NPA 1' on the Process Intro slide should mean that once all three phone images have been clicked and entered the 'after click' state, the NPA 1 image should appear so the learner can click it to go to the next chapter.

The part where the learner clicks the buttons to go to the sections works, and the triggers to return to the Process Intro page work as well. However the states of the three buttons on the Process Intro page do not change, and so the NPA 1 button won't appear, meaning the learner ends up stuck on the Process Intro page and can't move on to the next chapter.

I have set slides up like this in another course before and they worked perfectly, and I have compared the two setups but cannot see the difference as to why its not working in the new course.

Can someone please take a look at the attached slides to see if you can figure out why it isn't working? I can provide more clarification if needed!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sophie,

Storyline lets you apply multiple triggers to the same object. Trigger order than is very important, and here are the rules regarding the order in which all these triggers get executed when learners view your published course:

  • If there are triggers on the master slide and content slide, the master slide triggers execute first.
  • If there are multiple triggers on the same object that are triggered by the same action (such as "on click"), the triggers execute in the same order in which they appear in the Triggers panel (top to bottom) in Storyline.

To learn more about adding and managing triggers, see this tutorial!

So having the trigger to change the state of the object before the jump to slide trigger allows the first trigger to execute prior to changing slides. 

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