Help with triggers, free form, layer and light box?

Hi, everyone. I am still wrapping my head around slides, triggers, lightboxes, etc.

I know what I'd like to do with this, but I'm not sure how to achieve it or what options I should take when thinking through the decision making process of how to build it. If you can tell me what you'd do to achieve this, that would be great.

I've attached the file.

What I'd like is for the user to click the circle in the middle.

That would bring up a question mark and question on the left side. On the right-hand side, two answer options would appear. Based on what they pick, it would lead them to a little more information about the answer so maybe a lightbox slide or layer for feedback. For the two answers they can choose, I thought of converting to freeform but it doesn't seem you can do that on layers but just main slide? If so, how would I get it set up so they click on the circle for the question to appear and then the answer options timing-wise? Wondering what the easiest way to build this out would be. Thanks for sharing your process!

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