Help with triggers, please

It seems the Score and Move trigger is not working. My intention is, if a learner gets question 1 right, then the zero to one layer will display. There is a text box with feedback that shows for a few seconds, then disappears to reveal the next question. The learner also sees that the monkey has moved closer to the bananas. Obviously this repeats on other layers as appropriate.

This is a modified version of an existing template - tried to make it simpler for my needs and fit to SL2.

thanks, in advance ~ ;-)

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Daniel Servan

Hi Sharon,

I modified your file but I did it in 360 as I don't have SL2.
Please see the attached Storyline file in 360 and the published file so you can have a look.

The Feedback messages are in Layers and the Banana and Monkey are in the base layer using states.