Help with variable based results slide???

Hello! I'm hoping someone can help with a Storyline issue I'm having. I created a custom assessment that tracks the scores through a variable. Every correct response add 10 points to the variable.

The problem is that I can't use a standard results slide since these aren't technically quiz questions. I created my own results slide that shows the learner their final score (the variable at the end).

I need to also pass this score to the LMS (the real problem). When I go to publish, the only option for tracking is the number of slides viewed. How can I get around this? I need to pass the actual score to the LMS. I'm thinking I need a results slide that is somehow tied to that variable.

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Donielle Bell

Phil, Thank you so much for your response. I never could get our LMS to read the Java Script. I ended up using a bit of a work around.

I created a hidden quiz question where I was able to make the answer scoring equal to my variable.  Then I used that slide to feed the results slide.