Help with variables

Can someone please help?  here is the setup.  the learner lands on a page.  From here there are 5 subtopics to be viewed before the next button is displayed. (this is where I'm stuck)  I'm not using the Storyline player - these are all custom slides.  

I know I have to use variables to identify that all 5 subtopics have been viewed (True or False value) but I'm not sure how to proceed.  Unfortunately I have not done anything with variables so far.  

Thanks in advance





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Tim Neill

Hi Tom,

If you are going to invite them to click on each sub-topic (?) from five buttons, in any order, on the landing page then you'll need to:

  • Create a 'Visited' state for each sub-topic button
  • Put each sub-topic on its own layer
  • Create a 'Disabled' state for your Next button = its Normal state
  • Add a Trigger on the Base layer which sets the state of the Next button to 'Normal' if (Condition) sub-topic 1,2,3,4 and 5 have all been Visited.

Hope this helps!