Help with variables and quiz results

Hi all,

I've created a short training module that has learners take a short quiz. I'm trying to export the results from the Quiz Results to a Google Drive sheet. I've been told that because of something unique to SL, I can't export the quiz's results variables directly to my Google sheet and that instead, I need to create new variables and then map those variables to the quiz results variables.

I've set a trigger on the quiz results slide to start when the slide opens. However, I can't get my variable to be equal to the quiz results variable because none of the quiz results variables appear in the Value: Variable = dropdown menu in the Trigger Wizard. Do you have any ideas about a work around?



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Alex Berger

Hi Wendy,

Thank you very much for your reply. My problem is that the variables that I'm trying to reference don't appear in the drop-down menu. I believe that this is because they're generated by Storyline and only appear on the Quiz Results slide. Otherwise, I would have done exactly as you had proposed.



PS. See slide 1.12 in the attached for a copy of my training.

Anderson Rumuy

Nice tricks Wendy,

So, how can I Integrated the variable to be export to Google Drive(Spreadsheet) automatically using Javascript?

I already tried to do that but somehow doesnt work, here is the thread about it:


Hopefully you can give me some solution.

Thank you