Help with variables needed please!

Hello there,

I was after some help with using number variables.

I have a behavioural style self-assessment that I’d like to create in Storyline and have learners complete. Each question relates to one of 4 behavioural styles.

My plan is that once learners finish the assessment, a screen for the style that receives the most responses will display.

I’m hoping that this possible using number variables? If it is, are there some instructions somewhere that I can use to guide me?



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Ruth McElhone

Hi Matt,

Sounds like a cool project. What I would do is use a combination of number variables and conditions.

You will need to create a number variable for each question first.

The link brings you to a tutorial about how to create number variables:

For each answer they get assigned points e.g. A= 3 B= 6  C = 10

The trigger for this is to 'adjust the variable'

Then at the end of the questions, I would send them to a Final Slide which would accumulate all their points.

You will need to create another number variable here called Total. You will add the questions variables to the total variable on this slide

Then when the results are added up you could have different layers displaying based on what total, score they got.

Trigger would be 'Show layer - when the timeline starts of this slide....on condition  that Total is 30 or more.

Ruth McElhone

Hi Matt

I have attached an example of what I was talking about.

I used a quiz question, slides for each consequence. I gave the question a number variable and then assigned points for A,B or C. and then a final slide with three different layers showing feedback based on how well they did. 

I took out pics and it's part of a larger course but you'll get the drift of it.