Help with variables please

Jan 27, 2015


I'm nearing the end of a big project and am trying to use variables to change the state of objects on the menu slide however am failing miserably! Could someone help please?

I have uploaded a 'lite' versioin of the project with simply the menu slide and then the summary slide from each section. I am trying to do the following:

  • Using a trigger, set the next button on each of the section summary slides to change the variable 'SectionXCompleted' to true
  • Change the state of each of the section buttons on the menu to 'completed' when the SectionXCompleted variable = true

However, the above doesn't seem to be working. Could someone please take a quick look?



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Steve McAneney

Dean. I can't look at your file because I'm at my Mac at home, but a few things to try:

1. Make sure your default state for the variable is set to False. In the design window, with the trigger panel at the top right, the X mark to the right of the trigger icons is where you can check this.

2. Make sure the state change trigger is ABOVE the navigation trigger in the trigger panel. It can be moved upwards using the up/down arrows below the trigger panel.

3. Check your slide properties (gear icon at bottom right of screen). If the slide is set to resume saved state, it should work. You may have to play around with these settings. 

Sorry I couldn't be more help.

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