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I have a menu page in which each of the 3 topic choices have a visited state with a check mark. However, when I go back to that slide (when published), the check marks are not there. The triggers say  - change state of (each topic picture) to visited when user clicks.  The slide properties are set to resume saved state when revisiting.

What am I doing wrong?


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Jordyn Matusevich

I keep getting this error message when trying to upload. This happened to me yesterday when trying to upload a slide. I usually do not have any trouble.

404 - File or directory not found.

The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

Jeanette Brooks

Hey Michelle,

On the slide that contains the checkbox items, try this: go to the Slide Layers pane, and click the little gear icon to the right of the base layer's name. When the Slide Properties window appears, change the "When revisiting" selector to "Resume saved state." This should maintain the slide's states if learners return to view it a second time during the same session:

If you also want the course to remember the states across multiple sessions, you'd need to change the Player Properties to turn on the Resume feature. To do that, select the Home tab > Player > Other and change the Resume behavior to "Always resume":

Michelle Catlett

Hi, Jeanette, thanks!

So, I tried this - and I also tried it unchecking "When running in LMS, ignore flash cookie" since I'm uploading it to an LMS. (It's not hooked into the LMS in any way, it's just being hosted there.)

No dice.

I wonder what else I am doing wrong??  This seemed simple, darn it. I attached the project file, in case you can spot it quickly...

...much appreciated!


Michelle Catlett

And also - I don't need to extend with Javascript and save the state of the variables via a cookie, do I? It sounds as though this functionality - saving the state of multiple checkboxes across multiple sessions - really is native to Storyline.

What if I had a dozen of these pages, in separate published files? Would there be any conflict? Would I have to name each variable separately?


Jeanette Brooks

Hi again Michelle - couple things: in order for resume to work, the learner would have to move beyond just the initial screen in the course. So in the example you attached, since it's only one slide long, I think what's happening is the resume isn't "registering" the learner's selections because the course is only one slide long. I added a blank slide after the first slide, and when I upload it to Articulate Online and test it there, the resume works as expected. The other change I made was, I kept the option for "When running in LMS" marked, which is typically the best setting to use if you're running the course from an LMS. It's possible that something's going on with the way your LMS is handling resume behavior on multiple sessions, so it might be good to dig into the LMS side of things to investigate options there. You're also welcome to submit a support case by uploading your project to our support team, to see if a support engineer might have some further troubleshooting ideas or recommendations.

Michelle Catlett

Thank you! Knowing I can do that is good.

Instead of a second slide, is it possible to use "submit interaction" to get the resume to 'register' the selections? I'm not sure where I would establish the interaction so that I could choose it in the Trigger Wizard.

This is meant as a stand-alone piece, since the course modules are broken up into separate files in different parts of our LMS.

thanks again!


Jeanette Brooks

That's a great question - I just did a quick test though and unfortunately it really seems to require the learner to actually leave the slide before their options can be saved. What you could do, perhaps, is this: when the learner hits a button (the "print checklist" button maybe?) you could add a trigger to that button which takes them to the next slide, which you could make totally blank. On that blank slide, create a trigger that "Jumps to previous slide when the timeline starts." That way the learner will technically leave the slide but then come immediately back (this won't even be visible to the learner) and this should allow the course to save their choices.

Michelle Catlett

Hi, Jeanette,

That seems to work wonderfully! I'm testing it with multiple instances and multiple users right now, but so far it's working smoothly. I made the 'bounce' slide a stripped-down duplicate of the main slide, to smooth over any visual hitches that might occur, but it appears to be seamless functionally.

Thanks so much! You're the best!


Jeanette Brooks

Hi Surender, can you say a little more about how you want your slide to behave? Do you want it to reset it to its initial state when learners return to it? If so, have you tried adjusting the slide properties? Click on the gear icon in the slide layer pane, and you can change the "When revisiting" option to "Reset to initial state." That way the slide will replay from the beginning if the learner returns to it.