Help with voice recording and downloaded templates?

Can someone Please assist with the following 2 problems?

Enquiry 1:

I recently did a screen recording using Storyline, and was narrating the events on screen at the same time.

At the end of the screen recording session – I had the visual of the screen recording, but my narration was not there.

Please advise what I should have done/can do to fix this in future?

Enquiry 2:

I have downloaded a handful of the templates available but am not sure how to use these and get them to the point where they resemble anything similar to th published examples.

While I understand that published versions may vary – please advise how to correctly use templates.

This is especially applicable to: Business Circles, Accordion animation, progress tracker and bookshelf. 

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi David!

May seem like a simple question, but was your microphone enabled when you were recording? Next time you attempt to record with narration, click on the "cogwheel" that appears. In the next window, make sure that your microphone is enabled. Also, make sure that the bar along the bottom of the recording window shows that there's audio enabled.

For the templates, you may want to take a look at the following tutorial:

Using and Creating Storyline Templates

If you have any trouble, or any questions, just let me know!



Nadine Helm

Hi Christine and David

Update to the query: If insert the narrated screen recording to a single slide - the narration plus screen recorded work fine.

If we narrate the screen recording, but insert as a slide-by-slide item to Storyline - then we have no narration.

Should we possibly be doing something differently then for slide by slide approaches? Could we narrate all at once and maybe import the sound file from the narration - or do slide-by-slide approaches require individual narration?

David Janus

Hi Nadine, I see what you mean now.  I'm not sure if Storyline will be able to separate the narration per slide when you insert the screen recording as slides into the Storyline module.

In this case it may be necessary to narrate the slides individually after they have been inserted into the storyline module.  But this brings up another question for me now:

If you decide to insert all three options (demo, try me, and assess) do you have to individually narrate each slide then? or is it easy to share the audio files between the three different modes (scenes)?