Help with YouTube web objects


Client sent me over 500mb of video to embed. I can't see an LMS coping with those file sizes (could be wrong but my last LMS I worked with had a file limit of 50mb total) so I asked them to put it on their Youtube account and I added them all as web objects.
There are a few things they dont like about it and I'm not sure if I have any options for them.
1. They dont like the name of the video showing in the top left of the window

2. They dont like the recommended YouTube vids that pop up at the end - I have changed the parameter to just show related vids to the channel.

I really dont think I can do much about issue 1. Perhaps just ask them to change the name of the video in YouTube to something better?

Issue 2 - I thought perhaps I could set it to Jump to Next slide a second before the video ends but I couldn't find the right triggers. I dont have a 'Jump when Media Ends' option. I tried playing with 'Jump when Timeline reaches' option, pausing the timeline when the slide starts but I couldn't find anything to start the timeline when user starts the video. The autoplay option parameter seems to only be available for flash.

Any ideas? Thanks for reading.

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Holley Berley

Hi Shayne,

I've gone through this myself and other than pulling in the direct video file, there isn't a way for Storyline to know when the embedded video has actually started/ended.  It also can't tell when the embedded video is paused.  All of the settings for it come from the website itself.  Perhaps you can try experimenting with other video hosting sites (i.e. Vimeo) to see if they have a better look/feel, or more control on your end.

As for the recommended videos at the end - from the learner perspective, it's pretty commonplace to get recommended videos at the end of something you are watching.  If they are related to your specific channel, I don't think they'll be very obtrusive to the learners.