Helped Need for Question Bank!

I am currently creating a Question Bank Game that comprises of 3 different Banks that consist of different topics for example Bank 1 (Food), Bank 2 (Movie) and Bank 3 (Places of Interest).

The concept of this Question Bank Game is to draw 3 out of 10 random questions from Bank 1, 2 and 3 respectively. And tabulate the final score with answer.

Is it possible to do that?

Thank you!


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Wendy Farmer
Evan Tan

Hi Wendy!,

Thank you for your advice but this is not what I wanted to implement for my project.

I wanted to to create a Quiz that extract random of 3 questions from Bank 1, 5 questions from Bank 2 and 4 questions from Bank 3. 

And the overall results will tabulate the combination of the 3 Banks answers.

Hope for your vital advice. Thank you!


Evan Tan

Thank you for your help Wendy!

Is it possible to randomize the sequence of the question? 

Cause the current situation now is it is going in a fixed flow for example like Q1 from Bank1 -> Q2 from Bank1 -> Q3 from Bank 1 -> Q4 from Bank 2 ...

Able to program it to this concept? Q1 from Bank 1-> Q2 from Bank 1 -> Q3 from Bank 3 -> Q4 from Bank 2. It is the same concept as mention only the question will come out randomly.

Thank you and looking forward for your assistance!

Evan Tan

Just to enquire that if I have a total of 15 questions and for every 3 question there will be a similar answer. Is there a way to project 5 question that consist of a different answer?

Am I able to tag a code to each of the question that share the same answer so that I will appear only once in the question bank?

Thank you.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Evan! Utilizing a Question Bank with a random draw will not allow you exclude certain questions based on something else presented to the user. It will be random. In the link that Wendy shared above (you can find it here), you can see that you can lock questions and choose to include some all the time, but conditions are not a part of this built in set up. Not sure if someone in the community will be able to assist you with this design.

s s

Hi All,

following the same example as above, I want to know if I can display the results according to how they have scored for each question bank?

i.e. I want to display in the results slide their passing score for each component - Food, Movies & Places. The results slide should show the score for each question bank as opposed to an aggregate of all 3.

Is this possible? Appreciate your replies.

s s

Yes! I think you have the answer. Just to simplify my understanding of what you mean - I should have 3 result slides for each question bank and then have a final result slide which has the result variables for all 3 copied onto it? Is there a way I can hide the 3 separate result slides for all question banks and only show the final result slide with comprehensive result ? I know in the old version of SL there was a slide disable option, doesn't seem to be there in SL2

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi SS,

The user will need to visit all the results slides to submit the scores - but you could remove all the elements on the slide so that it's not seen by the user. You'd than want to set up triggers to "jump to next slide/scene" when the timeline starts so that they quickly jump past a "blank" slide. Just be sure that trigger appears after the "submit results trigger" as triggers will be executed as detailed here.