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Oct 29, 2014

Hi there,

My business uses Helvetica as their standard font.  When I use Helvetica in Storyline 2, it looks fine while creating, but once I preview or publish it looks odd.  Some of the letters look scrunched, while others look taller.  Any ideas?





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Brett Rockwood

Hi Jennifer,

I've noticed something similar with Univers Condensed 57. In my case if I apply bold to text it appears correctly in the work screen but when published it loses its "boldness" but seems to retain the extra letter spacing that the bold font style would have used. I want to test this some more but clearly the bold is not applying as it should when published or previewed.

Elizabeth McCroskey

Our team has been having the same font rendering issue with Helvetica Neue, our corporate font. I've submitted a ticket to support but they were unable to reproduce, though about 4 developers here are experiencing the same issue on different machines. We just had to revert to Arial in the meantime. It doesn't happen in Storyline 1, so I think it is an issue with how SL2 handles text.

Elizabeth McCroskey

I have been trying a lot of things to try to get this work, including the all of the ideas on this list! (Didn't make a difference.)


One thing I tried today that seemed to help is this: Publish your file, then go to the published folder. Open the story_content folder and find the file named FontFactory.swf. Rename or delete that file. Then re-preview your file. It will look a lot better.

I noticed this file is not in the Storyline 1 output. I'm thinking it is used to embed fonts for the Flash output, but I could be wrong. When it's not there, the font doesn't have the weird character scaling issues. I haven't tested it on another machine yet though (one that doesn't have Helvetica Neue installed on it.)


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Elizabeth and all,

I see that in your case, you were able to share the .story file and the Helvetica Neue font with Regil, and even with the font installed he wasn't able to replicate the behavior - and shared a copy of the published output with you. Were you able to confirm that you were working with local project files and look into conducting the repair here? 

Storyline 2 does handle text differently than Storyline 1,and the kerning issue with the Arial font that Hassan linked to has been reported to our QA team for review. 

Elizabeth McCroskey

Hi Ashley,

Yes, I am working locally and tried all of the steps in the page you linked to. Still having the issue. There are several other developers working with the same font at my company--they are reporting same issue as well.

Additionally, I discovered the font seems to be okay at 11 pt, but not at 12pt. Both look fine in authoring.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Elizabeth,

I'm just following back up and I see that Regil shared the issue with our QA team for additional review. When there is additional information Regil will be able to share it with you through the case and I'll link it to this thread as well so I can provide additional information for users following along. 

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