Here's a doozy: Building a "responsive" course to work on an LMS

Mar 27, 2015

Been scratching my head over this one for the past few days so thought I'd see if anyone else has some ideas/been down this road before. I am attempting to create a course that will work on both desktop/tablets and on mobile phones. I've seen some very helpful posts about sending learners to different course (story) versions based on device...but, because my course also needs to go on an LMS, I am limited to developing 1 course (SCO) and creating different scenes within it for the different device experiences (this is an assumption I am working under so feel free to shoot down if incorrect).

BTW - I have found a goldilocks size that works well across desktop/tablet/mobile: 1108X554, no skin elements.

So, basically I am wondering if there is a way to direct the learner to one scene within a story based on device (preferably automatically). I'll worry about the bookmarking implications/challenges (yeah, the project requires that too) later, ha. 


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