Hi everyone

Jun 05, 2016

I am very excited I have had so much fun creating courses. Could someone please advise how you hide the menu so that is it not displayed to the end user.

Kind regards



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Wendy Farmer

Hi Sandy

congratulations on creating your course!

to hide the menu select the Player tab and deselect the Menu option in the player features.

Also check your story file to make sure none of the slides have the menu ticked in the slide properties.  To do this open your file in story view and click each slide and look in the bottom right hand corner.

hope this helps...shout out if you get stuck.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Sandy -- Look like Wendy has stopped in to assist... thanks as always, Wendy! :)

And as I am not sure of your level of experience with SL2 but thought you might find them helpful, here are some resources you may want to check out"

Hope that helps! :)

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