Hi, need some guidance on results slides

Aug 29, 2016

I have have built a project with a number of scenes, on the completion of each scene are small quizzes. I have placed a results slide on the completion of the last scene and linked this results slide to all of the previous questions in the previous scenes.

On completion of the project, the results slide only shows pass or fail and doesn't give any of the actual results or show the 80% pass mark. Also you cant review the quizzes by clicking the review button. Does this mean that I need to place a results slide on completion of each scene and does each scene quiz need to be reviewed on the completion of those scene quizzes in order for the review button to work.

I will appreciate any guidance on this 


Regards  Petyer

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Peter if it's a huge file let's try to diagnose a few things first.

Can you check the following:

1. that the 4 system generated result slide variables are in the variables list.

Should look like this: Depending on how many result slides you have inserted there may be a number behind the word Results eg. Results1.PassPercent or it may look like Results_1.PassPercent

2. the result slide has all the questions selected that you want included

3. there are points associated to all the questions in the form view - see below

4. Can you screenshot the trigger panel of the result slide.

Peter Tranter

Wendy, I have attached screen shots of the variables for the results slide, the form view of the quizzes, the results slide properties and also the trigger panel for the results slide.

I have made another copy of the file and am adding results slides to each scene to see if that makes any difference also



Wendy Farmer

Hi Peter

see my comment above about more than the four system generated result variables.  In the third screen shot you have uploaded there is results.xx and also result1_3.xx - this indicates to me that you may be referencing the incorrect variables on the result slide which is why the scores are not displaying.

Go to the result slide and add two text boxes. Then go to the Insert Reference option and add in the result.score points variable in the first text box and the result1_3.score points variable in the second text box. Run through the module.  If a number appears in the either of the text boxes that will tell you what variable sequence SL is reporting.

Hope this makes sense

Peter Tranter

Thanks Wendy,  I,m not much good with variables yet so need to do some work on that. I have now added results slides to all scenes and deleted and replaced the results slide for the last scene a few times. All scenes other than the last scene have the results slides doing what is expected of them though the results slide for the final scene is still not allowing the results to be shown or for the quiz to be reviewed. 

I really want this results slide to be able to give the results of the final quiz and the overall results of all the quizzes combined.

Do I need to insert another scene which will simply have the final results slide and then have to results slide in what is at the moment the final scene and have it jump to what will be the final results slide???

I was hoping that by deleting and re-inserting the results slide it would use default settings (variables) but that isn't happening????

A work in progress








Wendy Farmer

Hi Peter

on the final results slide are you selecting questions to be included or results slides?  Also for the results to be recorded the user must be physically visiting the slide - is that happening?


See if anything in this tutorial helps you, if not - bite the bullet and upload the .story file.  Just use the Add attachment button at the bottom of the post.

Peter Tranter

Wendy, I have been through that tutorial, I've added the file as an attachment,

I did import some this it into a new project to see what happened and the new project asked about using the new project variables or the variables within the imported project. I opted to stay with the new project variables and they were the same as the variable shown in your screen shot and the result slide worked.

I don't know why understand why they would be different. I don't recall doing doing anything that would have resulted in changing any default variables in the original project


Peter Tranter

Wendy, if you could have a look to see if there is something that may help me in the future that would be good. I am now in the process of trying to rebuild the project in the new project and hope that it works OK, I have some work to do on that and then go through some testing. 

Also think that I will have only one results slide at the end that is looking at a series of questions in the last scene and have some knowledge review questions in the previous scenes that don't go toward a final mark.

I am keen to see how this works the best for future projects.

Thanks Peter

Peter Tranter


If that can be done that was my intention, so I am definately interested in knowing if that can be done and if so how

I started out having one results slide which is the one at summary end of the project, but that one is the one that wont record the results.

I then built a new project that has results slides at completion of each scene, however the final results slide still wont record results so I am now placing the questions into another final scene after the summary to be used as the final exam.

Then I will add a new results slide to it. I have just tested this and the results slide at this stage is recording results, but am still building the exam so wont know completely how that goes until the I have finished adding.

I will then delete the results slides in all scenes other than the exam scene and have  a few knowledge test questions at the end of each scene that wont go toward the final result

Seems a lot of work just to get a results slide to do what it should.

I am keen to see if you can help me with what I have done wrong in the first place.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Peter,

I tried to upload this post last night but the file failed so here is the information I posted and I'll attempt the file again when get into the office.

Well I know much more than I've ever known about power safety ;-)

There was a corrupt with your final result slide as the variable list was showing duplicate variables - see highlighted image


 I cut the final result slide that was using these variables and placed it into a scene by itself - never to be used again.

 I created a new final result slide (you'd need to add the formatting and lovely lady back on) and also updated the options which is to show user score and pass score  - see highlighted image. These options were not checked on your original slide which would have been one reason the scores weren't displaying.

 I also added all the result variable references onto the final result slide just for my testing so you can remove those except for the results7 references on the right hand side.


I also added back in a result slide at the end of each scene - be careful where you have the continue button going from the last question - you had them going to the next scene which would mean the user is bypassing the result slide (they must physically land on each result slide for the SL to save the results).

 I added in a side menu as well so I could jump from quiz to quiz without going through all the content.

 I'll attempt the file upload again soon.


Peter Tranter

OK Wendy, sounds like a lot to get my head around, you certainly know your work. Glad you got something from the project, as you have certainly been applying yourself to some detail. I will do my best to work on what you have said and hopefully learn more myself.

If the project does get uploaded that would be great.

Do you have any thoughts on how these settings would have been made, I felt that I was only using default settings by using the default results slides from the project. Have I done something in my build that would have influenced that other than have the Continue buttons going to the incorrect destination.

Any advice would be appreciated for the future.

Thanks heaps



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