Hi Res Pictures for iPad Retina Support


I am currently evaluating Storyline as a possible alternative to Captivate we are currently using. One major target device for our course is the iPad beside the standard PCs. Therefore HTML5 output also in SCOMR packages must work without hassle.

But I wonder myself: Does Storyline not support delivering hires pictures for the Retina display of the iPad

- If I increase project size, it does not get scaled down to fit on standard PC monitor. (Not that problem)

- If I add a picture in hi res (for Retina 2x) to the project to ensure best quality on the iPad, it gets scaled down during export and the pictures look blurred.

What is a possible scenario to support Retina display with crisp pictures?




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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Matthias and welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

The default story size of 720 x 540 is your best option. However, as long as you maintain a 4:3 aspect ratio, you can change your story size to 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768, etc. You can read more here about optimal size for viewing on iPad. There is also a thread here where this was discussed that you may find helpful.

Jerson  Campos

Hi Matt,

Storyline doesn't support what you are asking. Storyline will compress the images to fit the output settings. It does this with video as well and there is a workaround for it.  With video, you can replace the compressed video with a higher quality video by copying it over in the output files.  You might be able to do this with images as well. But it gives all the images weird long names so this will be tedious if you have a lot of images.

To scale down/up with screen size, there should be a setting for that.  I'll have to look it up and post it later.

Jerson  Campos

I was thinking of another software for scaling your courses.  You'll have to go to the output html5 file and make some changes. 

Open the file in a text editor.

Look for the section below or do a "find - strScale"

Change "noscale" to "show all"  (See image below) 

After this, the course will scale up or down based on the browser size.  You are not stuck to one size.  If there is a ratio difference there might be some bars(based on your html background color) on the top or side.