Hidden layer not showing when mouse hovers over link text

I am trying to create a mouseover effect using link text; when the user hovers the cursor over the text, a hidden layer shows.

I create a hyperlink from the text (see 1st attachment) and then modified the trigger to "Show Layer" rather than "Jump to URL".

It works in the preview, but not when it is published.

Can you tell me if I'm doing something wrong?

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Christopher Danello

I followed the steps on articulate to fix the Flash player issue, so now I can open regular HTML files rather than HTML5.

However, the link text still won't work in regular HTML.  I get a cursor change where it recognizes the link, but the hidden layer doesn't show.

Is there some other setting I'm missing?

Christopher Danello

Actually, it's proprietary, so I can't share the file.  However, I think I found another piece of the puzzle.

I saw another article which explains why regular HTML might not open (due to the Flash Player) and how to correct it.  When I test the mouseover functionality, it works just fine in regular HTML.  It does not work in HTML5. 

Do you know what's different in HTML5 that prevents this trigger from working?

Crystal Horn

Hey there, Christopher.  I'm checking out this issue, as I could see exactly what you're describing with Michael's test file in my HTML5 browser environment.  Thanks for bringing it up.

To note, and it sounds like you figured this out, you'll want to be sure to test your content in its intended environment (uploaded to a web server) rather than opening the published file locally on your machine.  Browser security settings at the local level might prevent certain features of your course from functioning.

I'll post my findings here as soon as I can!

Crystal Horn

I'm able to reproduce this behavior in a new file:  Here's my HTML5 output for you to test as well.  I wanted to be sure there wasn't a larger issue, so I tested the following scenarios:

  • Hyperlink in a text box to jump to URL:  works as expected
  • Trigger to jump to URL on a shape:  works as expected
  • Trigger to show a layer when hovering over text box:  works as expected
  • Hyperlink in a text box to show layer:  doesn't work

I'll create a report for our QA team to investigate this behavior since it is not consistent with the Flash (HTML) output.  We will update this discussion when we have new information to share.

As a possible workaround, are you able to use a hotspot over your hyperlink text and use a mouse-over trigger on the hotspot to show the layer?