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Aug 01, 2016

I am working on a course that links to multiple videos. I don't want the students to be able to move forward in the course until they have viewed all of the videos. I created a main Menu slide that takes them to each of the video slides. Then when finished with the video, I have it set up to return to the Menu slide. Lastly, after they have Visited all of the videos from the Menu slide, they should then be able to click Next to continue to the final slides in the course.

I like using the Trigger feature to HIDE the Next button and then SHOW it after the items on the screen are visited but am consistently run into problems when returning to theses slides. Once I return to a slide where the Next button was hidden, it does NOT reappear even though the set items are in the Visited state. I have even clicked on the items again to "Revisit" them but the Next button still does not appear and it leaves me stuck on the slide. This is happening on both returning to the Menu slide and the video slides.

Here are my trigger set ups.

  • Change State of Next Button to Hidden when Timeline Starts.
  • Change State of Next Button to Normal when (xyz button) is Visited.

My only other option seems to be to NOT use the triggers to HIDE the Next button but rather put Conditions on it where they can Jump to Next slide on Condition all of the buttons are Visited. However I prefer to not use that method because the Next button continues to display even though they can't use it until they have visited all of the items.

Any suggestions?

I'm attaching a trimmed down version of this course so you can see what I am referring to if you return to the Menu slide or any of the video slides.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Kimberly!

Yes, this was a question brought to our attention associated with the next button not being normal/accessible on a revisit to a slide where you had initially set it to hidden at the start of the slide.  

It’s been determined that this behavior is as expected based on what the triggers are telling Storyline, although it may not match what you wanted to occur.

Since the previous/next buttons are set to be hidden at the start of the slide via triggers, when returning to the slide the command given to Storyline is to hide the buttons as soon as the slide starts. The slide is resuming the saved state of the previous/next buttons as expected, but then the triggers tell Storyline to hide them as soon as the slide loads.

This is where applying the conditions to those initial triggers will come into play - as you’ll want to adjust the next/previous buttons to “hidden” only if the user has not visited this slide before.

I'm attaching a file that has that trigger/condition set up associated with the state change of the next player button.

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