Hidden next button until all content is checked.

Mar 05, 2014

Hello Storyline Community / Staff!

I'm working on a module where I'd like to keep the "next" button hidden until the user checks all content on the current slide.

I have 3 additional layers, one layer for each piece of content I'd like the user to reveal. I created one variable for each layer and a "total" variable.

z29all - number - default 0

z29explore - true/false - default false

z29challengeassumptions - true/false - default false

z29fram - true/false - default false

When a layer is revealed for the first time, I have a trigger add 1 to "z29all" if that layer's respective variable is false. Then I have another trigger change that variable to true, so the value is not added again when the user revisits the content.

On my main slide layer, I have triggers that change the state of my next button from "Hidden" to "Normal" only when "z29all" changes AND is greater than or equal to 3. This will work and change my button to "Normal". It will make the next button visible and it will go to the next slide when clicked.

Here's where the problem is... after you reveal the arrow and hover over another button for the second time, it hide's the arrow again... I need the arrow to stay there!!!

I attached my Storyline file... The variables in the top left corner are there so you can see how/when they are working. There is a mask on each layer because I need the content to animate behind where my navigation will be. Because of the mask, I placed a next button in the same position on every layer. You'll see I have triggers to change the state of my arrows on every layer when z29all changes. This works as long as you don't hover over another button! 

I also tried checking / unchecking all of my "Restore on mouse leave" on my hover triggers too.

Maybe I'm overlooking something... maybe I need a fresh set of eyes on this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. =) Thanks ahead of time!

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Simon Perkins

Hi Gregory

I moved the base layer triggers that handle the next button for each layer onto their respective layers AND changed them so they trigger when the layer loads.

This forces each layer to take responsibility for the next button's state - which is (depending on the interaction type) sometimes better than asking the base layer to do it.

Revised file attached.

Gregory Tapper


Wow, awesome! Still weird to me that base layer wouldn't be able to change the state of the button. Makes sense though. I guess Storyline isn't great at listening or executing events between layers.

The flicker was caused by the fade in animation I have on the next button. Fixed now!

Thanks a ton for taking the time to play around with this!

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