Hidden objects on the timeline

Oct 24, 2013

  1. Object  [A] has a (default state) hidden 
  2. State is controled by  variable [V1] which is triggered by a button [B]
  3. [V1]=false by default     
  4. [V1]=True when the state of [B] is visited   
  5. If [B] is not (state) visited - then [A] is set to (state) normal (in other words [A] is visible until you click [B])

That all works groovy and I have no complaints.

However, when I set the put the object [A] on the timeline to fly in at 2 seconds it ignores the timeline and appears at 0 (from the start)

I tried to make this really simple; there is more going on (hense the reverse logic) but hopefully someone can see why this happens to let me know if it is working as designed and I am missing something, or it is a limitation... which it looks like from here... but I have been wrong most times I have thought that in the past

Thanks for any help.


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Nancy Woinoski

Ok to be honest I don't really have a clue what you are trying to do but that never stops me from suggesting an answer. I've attached a story file that hopefully will help you resolve your problem. There are 2 slides in the file - the first one shows you how to initiate the animation of shape A once a button is clicked.  The second slide shows you how to do it without a button click.  Basically you have to place a shape off screen to trigger the animation of the onscreen object.  Take a look at the file and if you have any questions about how this is done let me know.

stanton mackellar

Thanks for your response Nancy. I knew I was going to have difficulty explaining this one without attaching a story... I wasn't sure that would help, but since my explanation which sounded great at first but like algebra when I read it back I think I have no choice.

Please see the attached and let me know if it is clearer. You want to focus in on the help text animation. It is supposed to come onto the stage at different intervals, but atually appears all at once. Not a big deal, as I have worked around it, but this same issue has occured before and I think it is a limitation that makes animated objects that are hidden by default ignore any timeline settings.

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