Hidden results not working as intended

Hi, we're using 360. We made a quiz with 10 questions. It's disguised as a survey. We are trying to determine if something that's occuring is training related or is a perfromance issue. We have people take the "survey" answering 10 questions.  At the end we just thank them for completing it. We don't show a pass or fail. There is a results slide where the results are submitted. To make sure this is a one and done item, the passing score is set to zero. This way the LMS  (Saba) will sign it off as completed. This works but we discovered a flaw. If a person does not complete all the questions, they still get marked as completed in the LMS due to the zero score requirement. I'm trying to figure out a way where they have to complete all the questions. If I use track by slides viewed will I still get a score reported to the LMS? I'm also wondering if this happens with other percentages? Like if I had 10 questions and I set the passing score to 80%, if I only answered and got the first 8 correct and then exited, would it report 80% to the LMS?


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Mike,

I appreciate you chiming in with what you are experiencing. Graded questions in your course should not be optional, so it'd be helpful to look at your .story project file to understand what you are experiencing.

You can share it publicly here or send it to me privately by uploading it here. I'll delete it when troubleshooting is complete.