Hidden text at timeline is appearing anyway

Jan 20, 2017

Okay folks - can somebody please tell me what I'm missing? It's gotta be something crazy simple!


I have a huge process flow chart with markers throughout where somebody would click and get more info. This particular marker has four parts. I tried to put it on one slide with shapes and text all hidden that appear when you click markers specifically on that slide. Works great except for some reason font that I have hidden at the start of the layer's timeline is appearing anyway when that layer's timeline starts.


Can somebody please peek and tell me what I'm missing?


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Macy Frost

Here's what I mean. After you click the marker on the base layer, it pulls up the layer titled 7. The box on the left of layer 7 should, and does, appear. But none of the text or shapes on the right of layer 7 should appear until somebody interacts with the box on the left of layer 7.

However, a few of the text boxes on the right of layer 7do appear at the start of the timeline. Per the triggers used on layer 7, they should be hidden until somebody interacts with the left buttons on layer 7.



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Wendy Farmer

Hi Macy

instead of having all those triggers to hide objects on start could you use the states button to have the objects in 'initial state' of hidden and then trigger them to normal when the user clicks the A, B, C, D. Also would it be easier to have the text on the snip shape instead of as a separate element?

Macy Frost

You know.. you solved it!


For some reason, creating a trigger and just saying change state of to hidden at timeline start didn't work but when I manually made a new state of disabled for each of the text boxes and then just deleted the text within the state, then changed the trigger to say change state of to disabled at timeline start,... it worked perfectly!! THANK YOU!