Hidden Text Box Revealed by Mouse-over Doesn't Revert to Hidden

I have 6 images on the slide that when learners mouse-over, it reveals the topic associated with the image. Then they can click on the 6 images to reveal the layer associated with that topic.

However, when the learners click on the first image, and sometimes the third, the hidden text box does not revert to hidden. It remains on screen and covers the next button. I can move the next button of course, but I'd rather those hidden text boxes revert to hidden when the mouse is moved from the image.

On the trigger wizard, I have "Restore on mouse leave" checked as the other 5 images.

What simple trick am I missing?

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Jonathan Holmberg

Hello Stephen!


By the screenshots it looks like you have the settings correct, but there may be something else involved that could be throwing things out of wack. 

Would you be able to provide a copy of your Storyline file?  I'd like to take a quick look at it to see what may be missing.