Hidden to Normal States Not Working

May 29, 2019

Hi all,

I'm working on a slide where I want text to appear when the user clicks a button. I have the text boxes initial state to be Hidden, and triggers set up that when the buttons are clicked, the text states change to Normal. 

I can't get any of the text boxes to appear when I click the buttons. I renamed one text box state from Hidden to "disappear" but it didn't change anything. As a test, I also made the "disappear" state have orange colored text to see if it would switch to black text when the state changed to Normal. Instead, the orange text is appearing and when I click the button trigger, it's removing the text box completely. The file is below if anyone has guidance.


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Ned Whiteley

Hi Kat,

Looking at your file I think you may have been creating your own Normal and Hidden states for each text box. These are already built in to Storyline -- the Normal state will automatically represent what you type in (including formatting etc) and the Hidden state will simply show nothing.

In the attached version of your original file I have deleted all of your text boxes and recreated them and everything now appears to be working OK. The other thing I have done is to group your buttons with their respective icons and changed the text boxes to Normal when the appropriate groups are selected. This avoids the dead space that occurs when you hover over the actual icon and are unable to select the button as the icon is on top (hope that makes sense!).

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