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Javier Mosquera

Aslwey, Bruce, thanks for your concern.

I am looking to do this:

The learner is being evaluated on a software simulation. She or he has been given a simulated case with some information (which is kind of a lot) and has to navigate the whole simulation taking into consideration that info to fill up the text fields.

So, I want the learner to always have access to that info and I am thinking of a side tab that, when clicked, it opens itself flying-in to the center of the slide, displaying the information the learner needs.

This information is separated into several sub-tabs. I am thinking of something like this:

So, at the beggining, the learner only sees the arrow darker tab on the right side of the slide, like if the folder is partially hidden... (that darker tab the learner sees at the beggining, can also be a separated button at first, so it gives you the impression of being part of the actual folder, when it flies-in)

Once the learner has seen the info that was needed, she or he closes the folder and it flies-out, leaving only the button to make it appear again.

So I was asking for some particular items, be cause with them I could do this. Now, if you come up with some other solution, I am all ears! =)

Thanks again!

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