Hide a SLIDE in Storyline 360 + Resize/Enlarge left-side thumbnails

Happy Monday!

Anybody know how to hide an individual slide in sl360? For example, in another eLearning software, if I had duplicates of slides that I was working on, I didn't need to remove them in order to share the project for review. I could simply hide them and they would be omitted from the published output, but remain handy for my continued edits.

Also, the slide thumbnails in the left column of sl360 in Slide View used to be larger (I could see them clearly and even rename them easily), but after an update, they seem to default tiny even though the white space width seems the same - they don't fill it adequately. I didn't reset anything, but I would like to have them back larger. How can I fix it?

Thanks for your input:o)

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Terri Smith

Thank you so much for sharing Richard!

Ok, I believe you mean move it to a new scene in the same project - right? If so, how can I differentiate scenes in my project that should be included or excluded from my published output? Or is a separate scene always excluded? 

Tried dragging the bar, that only seems to expand how many of the thumbnails in my project I see, it didn't enlarge the single-row column for me.

(I'm new to Articulate 360, please pardon my 'blockheadedness')

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Terri,

I'm guessing Richard meant another scene in the same project. If you don't include any triggers to those slides and remove them from the Storyline player menu then there won't be a way for your users to see them in the published output. You could also choose to publish only a certain scene, so that way if you had removed slides to an extra scene they wouldn't be included. 


Terri Smith

Thank you Ashley. I did check the article link you provided and found the location (recommend adding an image to that paragraph of the article).

Understand your mention of triggers, but, would you please demonstrate "remove them from the Storyline player menu"? 

I'm a brand new Storyline user; please pardon my donutheadedness.

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Terri - No 'blockheadedness' or 'donutheadedness' allowed here - we are all learning everyday :)

Before I forget - back to your slide thumbnail size - perhaps this video will assist you (previously recorded - I know your name is not Eric).

As far as what Richard and Ashley shared above. If you do not have any triggers going to this scene, then users will never see it. If you have a menu with your course though, the slides could be listed there unless you hide them - this way the user does not click on them out of curiosity.

Player > Menu > Delete