Hide Base Layer Not Working Storyline 3

I found some old discussions on this. I have some objects on the Base Layer that are appearing on Layers even though I have clicked the Hide Objects on Base layer in the Layer Properties. I also checked to be sure the object is not selected in the Timeline.

The odd thing is on the Base Layer I have a character head shot and then on the Layer a full length same character. The Head Shot appears with the character and only that head shot.

I am attaching the slide. If I am doing something wrong, it will amaze me to find out what it is.

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Jeffrey Riley

Joanna I agree. I had a similar issue so what I did was grab a screen shot of the background with noting on it and pasted that as the layer background. Then whatever I placed on it matched.

I would prefer that Articulate can solve the problem but at least we can share solutions even if they don't work for all situations. I am glad you mentioned triggers so that gives me an idea if I have the issue again.