Hide Base Layer Not Working Storyline 3

I found some old discussions on this. I have some objects on the Base Layer that are appearing on Layers even though I have clicked the Hide Objects on Base layer in the Layer Properties. I also checked to be sure the object is not selected in the Timeline.

The odd thing is on the Base Layer I have a character head shot and then on the Layer a full length same character. The Head Shot appears with the character and only that head shot.

I am attaching the slide. If I am doing something wrong, it will amaze me to find out what it is.

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Jeffrey

I'm using SL360 and saw the same behaviour - no idea why it's doing it.  But as a workaround, I duplicated your 'happy' state and renamed it the built in 'Hover' state then deleted the 4 triggers on hover of the characters and that seems to have worked.

Jeffrey Riley

Thanks for the reply Wendy and interesting that you are having the same issue. Thanks for sharing a solution. I just put a shape as the background of the layer and it blocks out the character, but I may give your solution a try.

I also made this a ticket to Articulate Support to see what they say.

Jeffrey Riley


So far, I have not had this problem in Storyline 360 but I may not be using layers in the same way. What I used to do is put an object over the layer and make it a solid color then place my layer objects on that. It worked and I did not need more triggers. 

I hope they can work out something.

Jeffrey Riley

Joanna I agree. I had a similar issue so what I did was grab a screen shot of the background with noting on it and pasted that as the layer background. Then whatever I placed on it matched.

I would prefer that Articulate can solve the problem but at least we can share solutions even if they don't work for all situations. I am glad you mentioned triggers so that gives me an idea if I have the issue again.