Hide certain layers, but not all

Apr 21, 2017

Ok, I'll try to explain this clearly.  One of my slides features the following layers:

Base layer showing all available tabs > 5 tabular layers the users can get to by clicking on various tabs > bullet-pointed layers

Here's a screenshot:

My issue is that if I don't select 'Hide slide layers', when the user switches between tabs (like eSOPs and eLogs), the previous layer will show (eSOPs and eLogs overlapping).  BUT if I select 'Hide slide layers', the bullet pointed slides that I want to transition onto the slide don't display - or only one (see screenshot... there are two bullet points, but only 'Display the location in the title' displays for some reason, even though both bullet points have the same settings).


Any ideas on how I can get the bullet pointed layers to display, but have the other layers on the same hierarchy not display?  Hopefully I'm being clear enough.  Let me know if you need additional information.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nicole,

Can you share the .story file with us? That would let us take a look at your set up and offer some specific help on your tabs and layer set up! 

If you want to dig in using Brian's suggestions, great! Here's where you can find all the Storyline tutorials and you'll be looking for the ones on "Adding slide layers" and "Using variables". 

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