Hide custom UI on mobile devices.

We make custom UI so Storyline does not look like it's default view (IE we turn off the default player features). Now that 360 has mobile nav UI, we want hide our custom nav on tablet and phone. I just wrote some JavaScript feature detection and will test but I am wondering if there's any innate variables in the player where I can detect the device breakpoint (IE query the player variables to see if it's in tablet mode) etc

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Matthew Bibby

I think the mobile nav UI only shows up if you have the main player features turned on. 

I don't believe that you can use your custom navigation on a desktop and also benefit from the mobile navigation. The only bit that works on mobile with custom navigation is the swipe options (which you enable in the slide properties).


Crystal Horn

Hi Micah!  Matthew is right, here.  Natively, you'll need to enable those player features at the slide properties level to get the mobile navigational features, including swipe, to function.  Here's a User Guide article with more information about choosing your slide properties and navigational controls.

While we can't support JavaScript, if you come up with a good solution to enable custom navigation per device, please come back in and share for the rest of the community to benefit!  Thanks for contributing!