Hide/Disable Zoom Region via Trigger or Layer

Mar 22, 2017

No, I'm not asking how to add a zoom region on a layer. 

I have a (freeform) Hotspot Question. I'd like to place a zoom region on the screenshot so it's a little easier for the user to see the content. The problem is, once the feedback layer opens up i'm zoomed in too far and can't figure out how to unzoom.

Can anyone think of a way (or workaround) to unzoom a region from a layer or from a trigger?


Thanks in advance.

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Adam Hoe

There are a few ways you could try to accomplish this if want to stick with the Zoom Region approach.

Here is one way: (you will need to hide the seek bar in this example)

  1. On the timeline, place the Zoom Region within the confines of your entire timeline so it will zoom in and out completely when the slide plays. (Ex: If your timeline is 5 seconds. Start the Zoom Region at 1 second and end it at 4 seconds)
  2. Place a cue point on the timeline between the zoom in and out animations. (Ex: using the previous timeline, placing a cue point  3 seconds would work)
  3. Add a trigger to your main timeline Pause timeline, This Slide, Timeline reaches, cue point, 1
  4. Add a second trigger to the main timeline Resume timeline, This Slide, User Clicks Submit Button

When you preview the slide, the timeline should pause after zooming in. Then, zoom out when you click the submit button.


Here is a second way. If there is limited content on the screen, you could:

  1. copy and paste the image on the main timeline. 
  2. resize the copy down to fit the Zoom Region boundries.
  3. cut the newly resized image from the main timeline and paste it with the same position and dimensions onto your correct and incorrect layers.

It won't technically zoom out or hide the zoom region but image will fill the screen at its normal 100% size


I hope either of these options work for you!


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