Hide feedback layer when quiz "review" button is clicked

I have not encountered this before but when clicking the "review" button on the quiz results slide, it shows each quiz question with the correct or incorrect feedback layer/box in front of the answer. So the learner is unable to see which answers are really correct or incorrect. How can I hide these layers when the user clicks the "review" button?

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Sydney!

I'm happy to investigate! How many attempts do you have on each quiz question? Also, can you add a trigger to the Results slide to reset the results when the user clicks the "Review" button?

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Randy Hill

Sydney, one thing to make sure of, is that most feedback layers for questions have a Hide layer when user clicks continue trigger before jump to next slide when user clicks continue. I would make sure that that order is still correct and that the hide layer trigger is still there. (see attachment)