Hide forward/back buttons in quiz review

Is there anyone who has been able to get around this: https://articulate.com/support/article/prev-and-next-buttons-show-during-quiz-review

I created custom navigation to avoid using the built in menu (duplicate navigation in LMS, caused confusion for learners). Quiz questions are spread throughout the course. Now, they click on a custom back button to go backwards, but as soon as they land on a slide question they have done, those built in buttons appear. 

Is there any workaround or does anyone have any creative ideas?

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Holly MacDonald

I have created a new button and am experiencing some unexpected behaviour. In addition to the suggestion from Judy, I have:

  • Created new button
  • Set initial state to hidden
  • Change state to normal when condition is met (condition is variable driven)

It works on one slide, but not on the others - the button is NOT hidden as initial state, even though that's what it is set to. I took screen shots of both trigger panels and they are identical. 

Then I set the initial state to normal and created a trigger to change the state to hidden when timeline starts. Still the same weirdness. 

Additional info (in case it's helpful). There's no submit button, the interaction is submitted when a radio button is selected. They have 2 tries. So the variable is T/F and is changed when any one of the button state is selected.

When I preview the slide on it's own it works, but when I preview or publish the scene or whole project it doesn't. Something is obviously getting in the way. Any suggestions or ideas to why? I'm wondering if it's a bug.