Hide forward/back buttons in quiz review

Is there anyone who has been able to get around this: https://articulate.com/support/article/prev-and-next-buttons-show-during-quiz-review

I created custom navigation to avoid using the built in menu (duplicate navigation in LMS, caused confusion for learners). Quiz questions are spread throughout the course. Now, they click on a custom back button to go backwards, but as soon as they land on a slide question they have done, those built in buttons appear. 

Is there any workaround or does anyone have any creative ideas?

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Holly,

Try this for each question: 

In the Slide Properties, select the checkboxes for the PREV and NEXT buttons: 

That'll put those items in the list of actionable objects for the slides. And that will let you add triggers that change the state of those buttons to Hidden when the timeline starts. 

Holly MacDonald

I have created a new button and am experiencing some unexpected behaviour. In addition to the suggestion from Judy, I have:

  • Created new button
  • Set initial state to hidden
  • Change state to normal when condition is met (condition is variable driven)

It works on one slide, but not on the others - the button is NOT hidden as initial state, even though that's what it is set to. I took screen shots of both trigger panels and they are identical. 

Then I set the initial state to normal and created a trigger to change the state to hidden when timeline starts. Still the same weirdness. 

Additional info (in case it's helpful). There's no submit button, the interaction is submitted when a radio button is selected. They have 2 tries. So the variable is T/F and is changed when any one of the button state is selected.

When I preview the slide on it's own it works, but when I preview or publish the scene or whole project it doesn't. Something is obviously getting in the way. Any suggestions or ideas to why? I'm wondering if it's a bug.