Hide Object when Timeline Start Issue with HTML 5 Version

Hi all

I set the state of an object to hidden when the slide timeline start. It works perfectly in flash version but the object is always visible in html 5 version when it enters the slide. Does anyone experience the same issue?

The following page shows that the feature is supported in HTML 5 version.



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Yang Yang

Sorry for the confusion, the issue I am having is

1create a slide

2 create a layer

3 place an object on a layer

4 set the state of an object to hidden when the layer timeline start.

This would not work. However if I place the object on the base layer and change the trigger to "when the base layer timeline starts" then it would work. Are there any work around on this?


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Yang,

I'm curious to see if you could share the file here with us (even an example that you've set up that behaves as the same) - as I'm unsure if there is a reason you need to have the trigger to set the item to hidden, instead of just using the "Edit states" section to set the initial state of the object to hidden. I presume there is another trigger to change the state from hidden based on a particular condition?