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Mar 09, 2015

I have created multiple slide layers for a slide. On the properties of each slide layer, I have checked "Hide objects on base layer"and I have also checked on Timeline, it showed all the objects on base layer are invisible. However, when I previewed the slide, some of the objects from the base layer still showed up. I have restarted and re-installed the program, but it did not work. Has anyone encountered the same problem? 

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Mariola Stelmachowska


I've experienced the same error as Ping. In my case it seems to depend on slide layout. When I apply one of the generic layouts (from 'clean' group e.g. Title and Content) all works. When I apply different layout the feature does not work. I'm attaching an example project to demonstrate the issue.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mariola,

Did you check into the elements that Emily mentioned in regards to working locally? I see the behavior that you mentioned in your project, but it only occurs on my second click - the first time through (regardless of what I choose first) it works as expected. You mentioned that applying a particular slide master causes the problem, and that may be a part of the issue you're running into. 

Chris Cole

Hi Mariola -

The problem seems to be being caused by Text Box 3 on the slide's layout. You can fix the problem by deleting Text Box 3 from the slide layout, and then "resetting" the layout, as follows:

  • Switch to Master Slide View, and on the slide layout, delete textbox 3.
  • Go back to normal Slide View.
  • Change the slide's layout to ANY other layout - one of the generic layouts or one of your custom ones - and then change it back again to the original layout you were using. (So if you were using layout "C", switch to layout A, or B, or F, or whatever, and then back to C.)
  • This seems to reset the layout and everything works fine after that.

Text Box 3 is causing come sort of bug/issue. You might consider not using the Placeholder textboxes on your slides and just using regular text fields and lock their positions in the slides? If you don't use the placeholders anyway, just delete them off of the layouts and then you don't have to worry about them. 

Hope this helps.


Chris Cole

OK - it just got easier... Text Box 1 on the slide is the slide representation of text box 3 on the layout. Just delete Text Box 1 on the slide (instead of text box 3 on the layout) and the problem goes away. You don't even have to do the reset I described above.

Although if you delete it on the layout, then you never have to worry about it again on subsequent new slides using the same layout.

It's a placeholder issue.


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