Hide Post-Quiz Review layer for correctly answered questions?

Dec 18, 2012

In a storyline assessment only course, there is no feedback for individual questions, but I'd like to provide a hint of where to find the answer to a question if it is answered incorrectly.  There is no need to provide the hint if it is answered correctly.  Is there a system variable that can be used in a trigger to hide the Post-Quiz Review layer during the Quiz Review?

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Paul Shorr


That is a reasonable way to go about it for a true false or multiple choice question, and will probably work in with my current project, but I was hoping for something that would work for any question type, without having to tap into a condition for each component of a correct answer.  Is there no way to access whatever variable is telling Storyline to display the Correct or Incorrect banner that appears at the bottom of each review slide and use that as my condition?


Jeanette Brooks

Hi again Paul, unfortunately the logic that controls the "correct" and "incorrect" banner appearing is something that happens behind the scenes and can't be accessed via triggers. What you mention would make a great feature request, though. The only other approach that I can think of would involve setting a true/false variable for each question to monitor whether it's correct, and flipping the value to true on the Correct feedback layer. For some question types this might be a little less labor-intensive than the approach mentioned above.

Jason Morris


Is there a way to show the review layer during review when the individual question or choice feedback is turned off during the initial completion of the quiz?  When I use the Review Quiz feature from my results slide, it doesn't show me the review layer and I'm thinking it has something to do with individual question feedback being turned off.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jason,

I just tested this on one of my own Storyline course (just a T/F question) and set the Feedback option to none. I have the option to create a Post quiz review layer, but if I don't put anything in that section I can still review the quiz and receive the Incorrect/correct banner on the bottom of the quiz slide.  If you're Storyline file is behaving differently, are you able to share it here with us? If you'd prefer to send privately you can send the .story file here to our team. 

Renee Haran

Have a simple quiz and in testing when I answer the questions correctly and submit I get the proper "success" layer as expected. However, when I "review quiz" from the results slide, one of the "behind the scenes" text boxes displays that one of the answers is incorrect and when  I get back to my results slide, the score has changed to reflect the error. Jeanette, have you ever seen this behavior? Ideas?

Rob Dieleman

Hi, I've created a small set of questions and a results slide. After the player has answered the question he/she can see the correct answer bij clicking the review button I've made in the review layer.  Now the strangest thing happens. When the player checks for the correct answer the answer is automatically rated incorrect also when it is, in fact correct. This is also shows in the results slide. What am I doing wrong?

Rob Dieleman

Hi Christi,

Thank you for your help. Attached you will find my project. I¹ve limited the
number of questions to three by deselecting four of them in the Question
I¹ve tried your other tip (resume saved state), but that did not help
either. Meanwhile I¹ll continue my search for a solution.

Kind regards, Rob

Rob Dieleman

Hi Christie,

I think I¹ve solved the puzzle. Well ehm, not exactly. I¹ve circumvented the
problem and created a test that now functions satisfactorily. Thank you for
your time and effort.

Kind regards, Rob

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Christie Pollick replied:Hi, Rob - You may want to take a look at the
information in this tutorial on Adjusting Slide Properties
, specifically the section on Resume Saved State:



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