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Bob Wiker

Having been burned in the past by waffling SMEs, I often create a Scene and title it Bullpen (as in a baseball bullpen). It's where I keep 'discarded' slides during the review/SME process. Often, SMEs change their minds or higher-ups in subsequent reviews want the slide restored. I just move the slide from the Bullpen back into the project and it's done.

It's also a good place to keep developer notes for future revisions of the project, especially if it's revised by a different developer. Just create a slide in the Bullpen and title it Developer Notes. Describe the variables, Trigger logic, and so on. A great help 12 months later when the project is updated/revised.

Deb Steele

Great advice. I'm new in my role as an instructional designer and using Articulate to create eLearning courses. I have some SMEs along with the IT team waffling about changing the name of a field, and I'm not sure they'll make up their minds by the time I have to roll out this training. So Bullpen it is!