Hide slide item only when lightbox appears

Nov 29, 2019

Hi all,

I'd like to hide an "X" button that is on the top right of my screen, only when the learner clicks something else on the screen to reveal the lightbox. Because the lightbox shows up as smaller than the slide, the X button on the slide is still showing, and I think could potentially be confusing to the learner.

Any idea how I can set a trigger/variable to hide an object on a slide only when the lightbox is in view, and make it visible again when the lightbox is closed?



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Ned Whiteley

Hi Beth,

I have tried several different ways to achieve this and no doubt there is probably a better way, but the example below does at least work.  Getting the X button to disappear when you go to the lightbox slide is the easy bit, but I finally found a solution to turn the button back on again that hopefully gives you what you want.

The way the process works is that a trigger initiated by whatever you click to show the lightbox slide (in this case a simple button) changes the state of the X button to Hidden (Note, this must appear above the lightbox trigger for this to work).

In order to make the X button reappear, I have created an invisible rectangle (100% transparent) as the top item on the base layer and created a trigger to change the state of the X button to Normal when the mouse hovers over the rectangle. The initial state of the rectangle is Hidden and it is changed to Normal when you click the lightbox button and back to Hidden again when the mouse hovers over it. This allows access to any interactive components on the base layer both before and after accessing the lightbox slide. As previously, it is important to have these triggers in the right order.

Once the user has visited and closed the lightbox slide, as they then move the mouse over the base layer of the main slide (and the invisible rectangle), the X button will reappear.

Although it is theoretically possible for the X button to remain hidden if the user does not move the cursor back over the top of the base layer, I consider this an unlikely event as it tends to be a natural reaction when visiting a slide, especially if you can't see where to go next.

Hope this helps.

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