Hide Table of Contents/Menu Slide link until slide was viewed

Jul 22, 2014


I have been requested to provide the following solution.

Show the Table of Contents Menu on the left, but, only display the slide links of the slides that have been viewed.

All of the slides are required viewing and they need to be watched in the correct order. Showing the TOC means the user can click on all slides at any time.

Is there a way to hide un-viewed slide links in the TOC?

Or if you have another solution I would appreciate it.

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Antony Snow

Hi Darren,

Unfortunately, there isn't a way to only display the slides that have been viewed in the default TOC whilst hiding those that are yet to be viewed, though you could probably do it with a custom menu using states and triggers?

You can however determine how the user interacts with the TOC and this is done through the player: Player > Menu > Menu options (cog icon on the bottom right) > Navigation restriction.

  • Free allows the user to select any slide and view it
  • Restricted allows the user to only select the current slide they are on or any slides they have previously viewed
  • Locked only provides a visual to the learner and none of the slide titles are clickable

I hope this helps

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Isay!

A couple of bits of information for you.

If you are looking to hide certain items in the menu, you may want to check this out.

If you truly do not want the menu to be a part of your player, that information can be found in this tutorial, but if you are wanting to hide the menu from certain slides, you can check out how to change that via slide properties.

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