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I have created a Storyline with one slide and several layers. I have forward and backward buttons. Does anyone know of a way that I can have the forward button show only after users have visited all of the layers? The last layer takes them back to the main slide and I want the forward button to show then, not before. 

I would appreciate any help on this! I hope I've given enough information here.

Thank you,


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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Lynda,

Can you clarify a bit? Or perhaps upload a couple slides? I'm just a little unclear, because initially you're saying you have one slide with several layers (with forward and backward buttons), but then you say "the last layer takes them back to the main slide..."

So are there several two slides: one with all the layers and then a main slide?

And when you say you have forward and backward buttons, are these custom buttons or SL built-in buttons?

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Lynda,

Tx for the clarification. There are a number of different ways to do this, somewhat dependent again on how you've set things up. And also because there's often more than one way to achieve something in SL. The attached has 2 slides with 2 different approaches.

Also, I'm assuming, based on what you've said, that Learners are accessing these layers sequentially. If that's not true, that could change the game.

I've only made 3 layers (plus the base layer) but the concept works no matter the number of layers.
I changed the visited state of the buttons to green just to make it easier to see what's happening.

Slide 1.1
Each layer, beginning with the base layer, has its own button to access the subsequent layer.
The Next button on the Base layer has been set so its initial state is hidden
The 3rd layer has a "Go Back" button which jumps to the Base layer of the slide.
I've added a trigger on the 3rd layer that Changes the state of the Next button on the Base Layer to normal when theGo Back button on Layer 3 is clicked.

Slide 1.2
All the buttons are on the base layer
Each button goes to the associated layer
The Go Back button Jumps back to the base layer
All buttons, except for the "go to layer 1" button are set to an initial state of hidden. I did this, again, because I interpreted (or misinterpreted) that you want Learners visiting the layers sequentially. Currently, Learners CAN see buttons on previous layers after visiting them, but you could change this by hiding these using the "Base Layer Objects drop-down and closing the eye.

Object Triggers change the Go To Layers buttons to normal in succession. For example, a trigger on the "ButtonGoLayer2" changes its state to normal when the state of the "ButtonGoLayer1" = visited

A Slide Trigger changes the state of the next button to normal when the timeline starts on the base layer if the state of all the other buttons = visited.

I've also set the slide properties to resume saved state.

So, those are two ways. Community members may jump in with others as well.