Hiding an email address when using the trigger to send an email in Storyline

I am creating an interactive course in Storyline that walks users through the process of installing new software.  There is a certain point in the process where users may receive a hard fail that requires assistance from our support team.  We would like to insert a button that users can click that generates an email to the support group letting them know they need to reach out to assist in the installation process.  The problem is, we don't want the users to have continued access to that support email address.  

Is there a way to mask/hide the email address?

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Lauren Connelly

Hello Stacey!

Great question! By default, the Send Email trigger will generate a new message and autofill the emails To line. We don't currently offer a method to hide the email address, but I'm sure we have community members who have created something similar. I'll hand it over to them to share their suggestions!