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I'm trying to create a course that has individualized branching. Specifically, I'll have a quiz that has 5 questions. If the student answers question 2 wrong, I want to have another slide appear after the quiz that teaches that material in a different manner than before. Is it possible to do this with variables, and if so, how? On the flip side, if they get that question right, I don't want the matching slide to appear at all.


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Douglas Spencer

You can do this with a True/False variable.

There are many ways to do it but a simple one would be to create a variable that is false. If they answer a slide correctly, create a trigger that will change that variable to true.

After the quiz, on the next slide, set up a trigger that will skip that slide if the variable is true. Create a different variable for each question and repeat the process for each wrong answer slide.

If you are new to variables this may not make sense. Hopefully this is enough for you to go on.

Andrew Helms

Thanks, Douglas. I'm not new to variables, but I am fairly new to Articulate. I was using Captivate at my previous position, so I'm trying to get more familiar with the advanced functions of Articulate.

Thanks again. I think that will work. I just wasn't sure if I could set a variable to alter depending on the outcome of a quiz question.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Andrew,

An alternative to the solution provided by Douglas (a fine solution, BTW), no variables required. The quizzes include options to branch depending on a Learner's response. In the attached example, I have 3 slides:

A T/F quiz question

A slide explaining more on the question for those who get it wrong

Another T/F quiz (or, this could be a content slide).

If you click on a quiz slide, and then click on the Edit Question button in the right panel, you'll open the question for editing. At the bottom of this window is a section called Set Feedback and Branching.

  1. Click the More button beside the correct or incorrect response area
  2. When the Question Level feedback window opens, click the Branch to the following drop-down, and choose where you want to branch to

Repeat this for the "other" response.

You'll see I've set things up so Learners branch to slide 1.2 if they get the question wrong and to slide 1.3 if they get it right.

Please shout out with any questions.

Andrew Helms

Thanks, Rebecca! I might go that route. I tried setting it up through variables because I didn't want to interrupt the quiz for each wrong answer. I wanted to have 5 questions in a row, then include the remedial slides afterward. Here's my current problem. Let me know if you can think of what it is I'm doing wrong here.

I have five quiz slides in my project. On the last slide (the final slide after the quiz slides), I want to show individual layers connected to each quiz slide the learner got wrong. These will just be to reinforce any concept the learner didn't understand well. I have variables set up by default to False and to change to True if the user doesn't select the right answer. I have the final slide set up to show only the layers the user needs to see, but for some reason the variables are not changing from my quiz interactions.

If I change the default variables to True, every layer shows up exactly as it is supposed to, and if I have all the layers set to False, no layers show up. And this is all no matter how I answer the quiz questions. I've removed the incorrect and correct layers on each quiz slide and I've set each up to alter it's unique variable like this:

Adjust Variable "quiz1remedial"

= true

when user clicks

"Submit" button

On condition that

(correct answer) was not equal to selected

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Andrew,

I see that you have a duplicate post here, so I wanted to link these

Would you be able to upload what you've done so far? That would make it easier for the community to troubleshoot. I'm not entirely clear (although others may be) about what you're going for here.

  • On the last slide, are you simply wanting to set up links to show the quiz slides Learners answered incorrectly?
  • Are you not wanting to use a results slide, which includes a Review button?
Andrew Helms

Here's my project. I've altered it a tad, but I'm still trying to accomplish the same thing.

Say I'm trying to teach someone how to make a pizza. I show them a video on one slide, then later when I quiz them and they get the question related to making a pizza wrong, I want to add another slide on the end of the project that teaches them how to make a pizza in a different way than I taught them before. That's the logic behind it.

Let me know if you can see what I'm doing wrong.

Thank you!

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Andrew,

You mentioned deleting layers on the quiz slides; I'm not sure why, and you have a lot going on in your file so, forgive me. Rather than taking the time sort it out, I thought I'd build something that's very plain to see if it might meed your needs as you stated them in your last post:

"Say I'm trying to teach someone how to make a pizza. I show them a video on one slide, then later when I quiz them and they get the question related to making a pizza wrong, I want to add another slide on the end of the project that teaches them how to make a pizza in a different way than I taught them before. That's the logic behind it. "

So, this file is again about the Halloween and Thanksgiving holidays in the U.S. but set up differently than the one I'd done previously. It's REALLY barebones, but this is how I think I'd set up the functionality you're looking for, and it sounds me to like you were approaching things in a similar way. Others may well have a better idea..if so, I hope they'll post so we can both learn .

There are 3 "information slides" about the holidays. Then there are 3 question slides.

I've created a T/F variable that's associated with each question. All are initially set to false. You'll see these in the Manage Project variables window.

I've inserted a trigger on the INCORRECT layer of each quiz question to adjust the variable to True when the timeline starts. This means, if Learners get these answers wrong, the associated variable is set to true, "alerting Storyline" to which answers are incorrect.

For example, look at the incorrect layer for the T/F quiz: Halloween is in October. See the variable there.

I've added a "slide to be skipped" where I've inserted references to all the variables. Currently this is visible on the timeline so you can see what happens as you go through the "lesson,", but you'd obviously remove it.

This slide has a trigger to Jump to the Next Project side (so, to skip all the "remedial" slides) if Learners got all the questions correct (so, if all the variables = False).

Then, you'd need to set up triggers to jump to any of the remedial slides IF learners got an answer incorrect. You don't know what they'll get wrong, so you need to set this up for all questions.

The remedial slides also all need triggers so SL knows where to go when Learners click next. That is, whether to go to the next remedial slide or whether to go to the next project. You'll see that I've placed triggers on each of these slides to adjust the associated quiz question variable back to false, as well as triggers indicating whether to jump to the next remedial slide or to the next project slide.

So, that's how I'd do it. I'm hoping, if this works for you, and that you can apply it to your situation. Again, I'm open to other ideas. Please let us know how you make out.