Hiding elements of layers

I have added some layers to a slide and each one is triggered as the user clicks a box. (they need to click to reveal the answer)

In an attempt to keep the clicked answers visible, I have unticked the hide other slide layers in each layer setting.

The issue I'm now having is that in addition to the revealed answers, I had a character pointing to each answer within the layer. The character now has multiple arms by the time you have clicked all boxes.

Are there any simple solutions that allow me to reveal and answer, keep it and have the character posed correctly as the next layer is revealed?


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Walt Hamilton

Put each character on its own unique layer. When the user clicks to reveal an answer, show the answer layer and the character layer. Build triggers on each character's layer that close all the other character layers.

Hint: to close all the layers at once (if you need to), create a blank layer with a timeline of .05 second that hides all other layers, and closes when its timeline finishes.

Sam Grimley

Thank you both.

After I'd posted the question I got the list of 'similar posts' and one of those contained the answer. I needed to remove the character from the layers, then set up character states from the main slide and add triggers to the state. Voila, my character now has the regular amount of arms :)