Hiding information on your Storyline project

Oct 03, 2012

I want to mask or hide a certain area on my Storyline project.  I have created a shape that hides the information, but since the screen scrolls down at the end of the slide, the information is then revealed.  I remember Captivate had a merge to background option to basically attach the shape or object.  Does Storyline have something like this or is there a trick to keep the shape blocking the info has it moves?



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Brad Meyerhoff

Hey Adrian,

Nice tips!  What if I did a screen recording and broke it out into the try mode, my backgrounds are already set.  In my background, there is a confidential number.  I hid the number with a picture or object.  Unfortunately, the screen moves in the screen recording.  As the screen moves (scrolls up), the confidential information is revealed.  Is there a trick to hide that cofidential number as the screen moves up?



Adrian Dean

Hi Brad,

Thanks, although it's unhelpful for you here. Try mode could work. There still might be movement though depending on what you are trying to simulate.

You could using the timeline have an object appear over the information. You would just have the initial shape appear at the beginning of the timeline and then have it disappear while at the same time have a new object that appears over a new area where the information moves too.

It's all I can think of right now off the top of my head. Hope it makes sense.