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Patrice Goforth

Hi Sam,

You can actually delete items from your menu, such as quiz slides, so learners can't see them and know they're there. If you delete something from the Menu, it doesn't delete the slide.

Check out the tutorial here: http://community.articulate.com/tutorials/products/customizing-the-player-menu.aspx

(The below information is from the same tutorial.)

Removing items from the menu

Want to remove a title from the menu? No problem — just select the scene or slide, and then click the Delete Heading button below the menu. Any scenes or slides you hide from the menu will still be part of your course; it's just that their titles won't appear in the menu any more.

If you delete a title that has items below it which are at a greater indent level, Storyline will also give you the option of keeping or removing that title's children.

Katie Riggio

Happy Friday, MindBytes—and great question!

Storyline will pull all slide text and notes when using the Search function. We're tracking requests to customize the player's search behavior, where I'll include your voice in our report and let you know if we add this enhancement to a future update.

The community may have designed a way around this, so I'll open the floor to them!