Hiding layer goes back to base layer not the last active one.

Jun 22, 2020

I have the following scenario:

I have a slide with multiple stacked layers. During the timeline different layers are shown. Now lets say at point x in time 'layer 3' is shown. Now there is a button that opens a different layer (lets call it 'help_layer'). It is important to know that 'help_layer' and the button that triggers it are on the slide master and not on the current slide.

When the user closes 'help layer' the issue is that it does not revert back to showing 'layer 3' as it was before the user opened 'help_layer' but it opens the base layer. 

That would be an easy fix usually (just adding a trigger in the close button of 'help_layer' telling it to show 'layer 3'). However since 'help layer' is in the slide master I cannot do that since the triggers for 'help_layer' are the same anywhere in the project.

Is there a generic way to trigger 'hide layer and show last used layer' instead of just 'hide layer and fall back to base layer'?

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