Hiding menu items/branching

I am setting up a branching scenario in which I'll need to hide full scenes from the menu player, depending on the path that a user takes.  Currently, I have 2 different scenarios set up--one for Environment 1 and one for Environment 2 (for example).  The topic names for these scenes are the same (for example--Starting and Exiting the System), but the slides and simulations are based on the environment, so the scenes are completely different.

Is there a way to set a variable to hide a complete scene from the player menu if the user selects the other scenario path?  I thought that I could set up a variable to hide a slide and repeat that for each slide in the scene if the user chose the other scenario path...but looks like I can't hide a slide.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Kathy,

I'm afraid there isn't a way to trigger the Storyline menu and I'm not aware of anyways to "filter" out specific slides or scenes from the menu, without removing them entirely from all slides.

The only options I can think of that might work for you are disabling the menu entirely from those scenes, or creating a custom menu. Obviously, the custom menu will probably be more time consuming, but in a way I think it might be the best choice. Not only would you have more control over what content the user sees, but you can control how they see it. Since your scenes are so different, you could incorporate the menu(s) to fit along with the design of those scenes.

Just some thoughts I wanted to share!

I'd love to hear some additional suggestions for this and I'm curious to see how you end up setting this up.

Best of luck Kathy! :)

Alain Gauthier

How do you create a custom menu? Is that just a slide with an outline on it? Or, is there a way to actually make it show on the side like the current menu option? 

I am also trying to hide scenes in a multiple branching scenario. Even having to hide individual slides would work for me. 

Alain Gauthier

Here is the workflow for this course. It is divided into 8 sections and organized on 7 scenes in Articulate.

You can see why I need to hide scenes. However, now that I looked at the examples, I think that a graphical solution is possible. I will try hiding the menu itself and make sure that the learner can still navigate back and forth between sections. Maybe a small 'menu icon' most slides that open up a map with links to scenes or specific slides.

I will play with this and publish my results. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.


Kat Hemann

Hi Kathy and Alain! I'm curious as to what you ended up doing for this situation? I too have a branching scenario like this; I need to hide 3 of the 4 branching scenes from the menu player, therefore only displaying the 1 scene's path that was selected by the user.

Any advice would be helpful! 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kat, 

I'm not sure if Kathy and Alain are still subscribed here, as the post is a bit older - but you could always use the "contact me" button on a ELH users' profile to reach out to them directly! 

The player menu can't be accessed using triggers as you would on a slide itself, you may want to look at building a custom menu that is accessible from the slide's itself. Here's a bunch of examples to start your thinking!