Hiding objects when hover states are active

Jul 31, 2017

Hi all - 

New to Storyline2 - having a bit of an issue that I'm sure someone out there can help me with! 

I have a selection of buttons across a screenshot that reveal small chunks of information when hovered over. Having played around with bringing to the front and sending to back, I can't seem to make all of the other buttons vanish when each hover state is active - any ideas? 

I have included a screen grab to help get across what I'm on about.... The little purple and white circles are the 'buttons' I'm talking about. 


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Brian Allen

Matt, check out slide 2 in the attached .story file and see if this is the behavior you're looking for.

This looks like there may be a bug with the way SL2 is handling the "restore on mouse leave" trigger, at least in preview mode (I haven't tried publishing this).


The way I have slide 1 set up should have done the job, but when previewed it doesn't restore the states on mouse leave as would be expected.

To get this to work I actually had to add two additional triggers per button to handle restoring them to normal, which could end up being quite a bit of additional work for multiple buttons.

Hope this helps,


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